St. Margaret Mary

School Athletics

Sports & Extracurricular Information

We are excited about our growing athletics here at STMMS, under new direction by Ms. Cheyanne Broeckel!


Within this past year we have incorporated a Boy's and Girl's Basketball team, as well as, a Cheerleading team! All teams have shown strength, determination, perseverance, teamwork, and growth! In the future, we hope to grow as a school to incorporate Volleyball and Track teams!


As a basketball league, we are in accordance with the Don Bosco Basketball League. Check out our team's schedules on their website! 


We also want to give a shout out to Fr. Pat and others who have been supporting the athletics here at STMM with donations and encouragement! Because of this, we are welcoming our new school colors with new athletic jerseys! 

Thank you! 


Come show support or as a student, join a team!

Go Lancers!