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Our Mission

Our Mission

Strive for academic excellence
Thrive in a unified learning community
Model Christ-like behavior
Minister Catholic values of the Gospel for
Successful character development

School Philosophy 

It is our philosophy that the climate and role of the educating community is constituted by the interaction and collaboration of its various components: students, parents, teachers, administrators and non-teaching staff. During childhood and adolescence a student needs to experience personal relations with outstanding educators at home and at school, and what is taught has greater influence on the student's formation when placed in a context of personal engagement, genuine reciprocity, coherence of attitudes, life-styles and day-to-day behavior.

While respecting individual roles, the community dimension should be fostered, since it is one of the most enriching developments for the school. This community dimension in the Catholic school is not a merely sociological category; it has a theological foundation as well. The educating community, taken as a whole, is thus called to further the objective of a school as a place of complete formation for the student and the family.